JE has been working on artworks for their upcoming short story collection and using different AI generators and synthetic neural networks (including Midjourney and Ostagram) to create the images. They are using text from the short stories to generate images. The process also involves work with Photoshop, Filter Forge and the drawing tablet.
“Working with these new AI technologies is pretty mind blowing at times, frustrating at other times, and as of now, it’s still a conversation between artist and AI, still a collaboration. It’s evolving super fast though, and I look to the future with both excitement and trepidation.
In a world where anyone can write a prompt that generates an artwork, a piece of music, a photograph, or video (yes the video generators are here and close to being accessible), what is the purpose of the artist as we know the term? Conversely, do we end up in a world where everyone is an artist?”


JE’s new short story collection is coming later this year from House of Zolo.