From the House of Zolo – JE Solo’s long awaited debut novel PHREAK

In a near-future world, where corrupt government and corporate interests rule the smallest details of Island life, an unusually sensitive child is born. Growing up on a landscape overrun by militarized police, ecological devastation, and botched genetic modification experiments, Phreak’s survival depends on their heightened senses and the skills they learn at the knee of their life-hacking father. As the collapse of Island society draws closer, Phreak must fight back to protect what they love.

Phreak is a richly detailed and compelling first novel about the power of the individual. Solo deftly layers satire and social commentary to create an unforgettable story of resilience and survival. Visit House of Zolo to learn more.

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Buy Phreak via (Paperback and Kindle)
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“This book is a quick witted, word-playing journey that gives us what we all need right now: hope.” – Susie Taylor, Author of Even Weirder Than Before

“An astounding novel. This is what can be accomplished when amazing authors throw off the shackles of convention … and write from the soul: it is raw, fierce, and poignant.” Matthew LeDrew, Author, and founder of Engen Books

“Phreak often worked against my narrative expectations with its fragmented, time-jumping, and vignette-style approach, and in the process delivered a singular character whose clear and deeply felt recollections warn us how close we are to delivering a similarly bleak future to the next generation. You’ll want to get your hands on this novel as soon as possible.” – Richard Leis, Author and Poet

“Don’t wait in line, treehuggers! Grab JE Solo’s book, it’s a gorgeous sabotage.” – Jenne Nolan, Activist

GENRE: Fiction
FORMAT: Paperback, audio and e-book
DIMENSIONS: 5.06 X 7.81 inches
PAGES: 178
RELEASE DATE: 01/05/2020
ISBN: 978-1-989587-00-3