Welcome to JE Solo Editing Services.

I provide professional manuscript evaluation, and creative editing services for short story and fiction writers; and dramaturgy and script development services for playwrights, live performers, and theatre artists.

I work with a broad range of creators from many disciplines and specialize in: manuscript evaluation; substantive, structural and developmental editing for short stories, speculative literature/science fiction/fantasy, and novellas; dramaturgy and creative editing for stage plays, video scripts, standup routines, and screenplays.

I charge professional rates based on Canadian standards and quotes are given on a project by project basis. Contact me directly at: jesoloeditingservices@gmail.com to discuss your project and request a quote. When time allows, I also offer a sliding scale to working artists – drop me a line to discuss.

Description of Services

Developmental Edit/Manuscript Appraisal – (or conceptual editing/evaluation) This type of edit is appropriate at the early stages of the writing process, when you have a treatment or an outline or set of ideas and want guidance pulling the story together. I will look at the overall concept and the story arc to make sure the ideas are sound, that the elements of the story align, and that the piece flows. I will identify what works and what doesn’t work, and ask questions to help bring the story further along. I’ll explain how to organize your ideas, structure your content, and transition smoothly between thoughts.

Evaluation/Structural Edit – (or manuscript critique) This service is best suited for writers who have completed a first draft and are looking for a “big picture” edit. I will evaluate your manuscript for structure, flow, and completeness. I will provide you with a document summarizing key points and areas of concern, and I will offer suggestions. I will also markup your manuscript, making note of any structural concerns and questions that arise.

Substantive/Content Edit – (or full edit) This is a high level edit intended for work that is close to the final draft. I will dive into your manuscript and provide you with a paragraph-level set of markups. I will offer corrections, point out incomplete ideas, and offer advice on the flow of your piece. As well as evaluating the structure of your piece, I will concentrate on the tone and voice of your manuscript, with an eye on the completeness, flow, and construction of ideas.

Line Edit – (or stylistic edit) This is a line by line edit intended for work that is at its final draft stage.This is where I look at your sentences with a microscope. I will concentrate on word choice, the impact of your sentences, how words interact and how sentences flow into each other. I will point out run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and unnecessary jargon. I will help you clarify meaning, tighten your sentences, and make your story shine.

Dramaturgy/Script Development/Assessment – I will read your play or script and provide you with in-depth written feedback. I will assess your idea or script for coherence, clarity of voice, and I will ask you important questions about style and intention. This service will be tailored to suit the needs of each client. I’m happy to work with playwrights, screenwriters, and performers on ideas, scripts, and script revisions, from producing a single script assessment to collaborating on a series of drafts.

Do you have questions, need a more specialized service, or an edit that straddles more than one process? I will tailor services to suit your specific needs. Get in touch anytime to discuss your project.

About me and my approach

My background as a writer is heavily influenced by my work in the collaborative arts – theatre, film and video, music, and new media. Editing gives me the opportunity to work as a writer while interacting with other creative people. I love to be engaged in new ideas, and am always intrigued by the stories that are entrusted to my care. As an editor, I’m obsessed with making sure sentences are precise, that there is clarity of intention, and no extraneous filler. I’m also a storyteller and, at the end of the day, the most important part of what I do is make sure that your story is being told clearly. I welcome the opportunity to work with you and your manuscripts, whether they be short stories, stage pieces, screenplays, or novellas.


JE Solo is a master at developmentally editing short stories, plays, and novellas so that they shine. As an award-winning writer and multimedia artist, JE knows what makes an excellent story and how to fine-tune the inner workings of stories so that they work. Shorter pieces need to deliver as much meaning and impact to the reader as possible, with no superfluous details. Everything matters. JE’s expertise at editing stories and excavating the gem of the narrative will put authors ahead of the game. I highly recommend JE’s editing services to authors who want a fighting chance when submitting to magazines or publishers.
– Erika Steeves, E. S. Editing Services

“JE critiqued my writing and her feedback was so spot-on and helpful. She was professional, kind, and thorough, commenting on the overall structure of my story and also my sentences. She also explained why she recommended her adjustments, which I especially found helpful. After working with her, I had a good idea what to adjust and how to move forward with my story. Thank you, JE!”
 Natalie Budesa, Writer