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Working with AI

I’m working on artworks for my upcoming short story collection and using different AI generators and synthetic neural networks (including Midjourney and Ostagram) to create my images. I’m using text from the short stories to generate images. The process also involves a ton of work with Photoshop, Filter Forge and the drawing tablet. Working with these ….  Read More

Edge Release

Here’s Edge: Three Short Stories, my first solo book release! After the launch of my debut novel, Phreak (House of Zolo, 2020), I’ve been working on creating writing that is super short and accessible. I continue to learn from the great writers and editors around me, and lately have been exploring ways to get right ….  Read More

JE Solo’s “Blue Lake” published in HOZ Spec Lit Journal

My latest short story, “Blue Lake”, about a world leader with psychic powers, was released this month as part of the collection House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature, Volume 2. The journal rose to the top of the Kindle charts to hit #1 in Science Fiction and #1 in Fantasy Short Stories within a ….  Read More

Phreak Virtual Reading 1

I had a great time hanging out in Virtual Reality with editor and friend, Erika Steeves, talking about the release of my debut novel Phreak.