JE’s latest short story, “Blue Lake”, about a world leader with psychic powers, was released this month as part of the collection House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature, Volume 2. The journal rose to the top of the Kindle charts to hit #1 in Science Fiction and #1 in Fantasy Short Stories within a day of release, and became an instant Amazon Best Seller.

JE also created the cover image and design for the jacket.

To pick up a copy of the journal please visit the House of Zolo.

“In this much anticipated second volume of speculative literature, authors examine relationships and how technology impacts our connections to each other, to nature, to space and time. The writing in this volume is often dark and rich in satire, yet there are many whimsical moments and a strong undertone of irreverence. Writers deep-dive into challenging themes to bring us stories and poems that explore gender, immortality, the obsolescence of the human body, biohacking, decay, and the evolution of love in a transhuman world.”