Part art object, part magic spell, these handmade Spell Jars are created specifically for you and your unique wishes. Each Spell Jar is made to order, based on the desires of the client, and every Spell Jar that I create is a one of a kind object.

These Spell Jars are meant to be a container for your intentions; I will use materials that relate to your intentions in some way — for example, for Grounding, I may include a gemstone like obsidian; for love I may include rose petals. The Spell Jars may contain: small gemstones and crystals; organic material such as earth, sand, rocks, wild-crafted herbs, and flower petals; other materials like dried flowers or plants, gold leaf, beach glass, or beads. All jars are fully sealed with sealing wax. There will also be simple instructions on how to activate your spell.

Once you place your order, I will begin work on your Spell Jar. When it is sealed, I’ll mail it to you via Canada Post.

To order your own personalized Spell Jar, please fill out and send the form below. You can choose from the options listed in the form, or ask for something specific in the message section. You will receive a reply in under 24 hours with instructions on completing the order. Spell Jars are $50 CAD, shipping included.