Anyone will tell you–I’m sensitive. This is a valuable asset for a writer and performer, and it has meant that I’ve always had strong intuition, an alternate perspective on the world, and the ability to see things that other people don’t see. I integrate these sensitivities with a creative approach to offer clients unique and meaningful Tarot Readings.

My aim is to bring clarity, and to ensure that you leave our session feeling empowered, hopeful, and with a sense of personal agency. In tarot, there are no ‘bad’ cards—only insights. I’ll work with you to locate the information seeking to connect with you. I’ve read for countless clients to help them resolve problems and move forward in their lives. I’m happy to continue offering my unique perspectives with individual Tarot Card Readings.

To book a Tarot Card Reading, please check out the listings below. If you are looking for help with paranormal activity, please go here: PARANORMAL DIAGNOSIS

My readings and consultations are 100% confidential, and you can ask me anything.

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I’ve been working with tarot cards for over forty years and have read for people from all walks of life. I’ve been using the same Thoth Tarot deck for decades. This deck was gifted to me by a very powerful artist and witch.

In a Tarot Card session we can explore many areas of your life, (career, relationship, family, friendships, etc), or we can look into one or two issues in-depth. There will be an emphasis on seeking out practical ways to bring about your desired future. If you are in Canada I can speak with you over the phone; for clients outside of Canada I can speak with you via Whatsapp, or Skype audio. In-person appointments are COMING SOON for clients living in Toronto.

With this reading you will receive:

• A forty-five minute phone, Whatsapp, or Skype audio call where I will conduct a Tarot Card Reading focusing on your current situation. These readings are a conversation between The Client, The Tarot Reader and The Cards. These readings are meant to uncover what is hidden, to empower clients to heal and make progress, and to offer practical solutions to support clients in achieving their goals.

To Book a Tarot Card Reading ($100 CAD), please fill out and send the form below. You will receive a reply in under 24 hours.